Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ideas For Using Natural Stone Veneer In And Around Your Home

Ideas For Using Natural Stone Veneer In And Around Your Home
By Jacob Peter

A welling place is not just a roof over the head. It is an ideal place for leading a dignified existence. It has to present a look of splendor and grandeur. It has to register in the minds of the visitors and onlookers an exalted gradation for the occupants of the house. Real thin stone veneer is a product of beauty that exemplifies the appeal of the walls, fireplaces, interior wall coverings and also facades in addition to exterior wall coatings. Nowadays, stone veneer finds a place in many areas – countertops, kitchens, cubicles, bathrooms and many other places – because of their feel of the décor and also due to the value it gives the house.

You can use stone veneer for the interior panels in your home. It is a formidable competitor and a durable alternative to wallpapers or paint. Redoing is not necessary for a long period. It scripts a pulse of elegance to the ambience which is timeless and updated. It is widely admired because it is easy to install and easier to maintain. It generates an old world charm and also an ultramodern attraction, both at the same time. Living rooms, studies, libraries, family rooms, visitor’s halls – are some more points where stone veneer can be used. A retaining wall in the backyard of the compound can be decorated with stone veneer. You can apply the stone veneer to an existing wall or a new one. It assumes the look of a magnificent rock wall. If proper installation is ensured, your stone veneer wall will retain its charm for a long duration. It will be able to withstand the vagaries of the weather chart and retain its majestic appearance for years to come.

Stone veneer can be fit in fireplaces also. If an indoor or outdoor is fit with a stone veneer façade, it gives the impression that you have spent exorbitant amounts for the purpose which is actually not so. Outdoor patios can assume a feel of class due to the addition of a stone fireplace. Due to stone veneer, redoing or building new indoor fireplaces will be an easier task. Real stone veneer withstands the intense heat of the fireplace unlike bogus man-made stone. You can increase the elegance of the home by using stone veneer for the exterior too. Lower half of the wall or the whole front or the exterior – stone veneer can be applied in all these areas to provide a classy look equivalent to the neo-modern homes of the financial tycoons. You can offer a touch of other worldliness to your home. You can present a grand curb appeal to your home with long-lasting and spectacular stone veneer.

Hundreds of designs and styles, many-splendor patterns and colors of stone veneer are available in the market. Apart from the marketed ones, you can custom-design a stone veneer in tune with your aspirations. Due to its light and negligible weight, stone veneer is easy to install. Due to it’s resistance to the vicissitudes of nature, viz. sun damage or climate strike, it is much in demand.

The Benefits of Using Stone Veneer:
• To decorate the exterior wall of your home.
• For lining driveways and sidewalks around the house.
• For creating wall stone decorative ponds.
• For outlining the windows of the house.
• Can be used around the poolside in houses that have in-ground pools for creating an exquisite taste and an enchanting appeal.

These are many creative styles and imaginative designs for using stone veneer to add extra luster to your place of habitation. House decoration projects receive an additional thrust from stone veneer. The inimitable attraction created by this piece of rock brings an everlasting appeal to the artistic senses of the people. When the exterior of the wall is lined in stone veneer, we can enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters. Energy regulation, prompted by stone veneer, cuts the current bills. If beauty and durability are the prime motives of a house owner, stone veneer is the suitable substitute.

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